Nafarma Greeted Vietnamese Doctors’ Day On February 2nd

   On February 27th, NAFARMA held a program to celebrate Vietnamese Doctors' Day. Accordingly, the Board of Directors and all employees of the Company had a meeting to look back on the tradition of the pharmaceutical industry, listen to the sharing from Pharmacist Luong Quoc Phuong – Managing Director and some sharing of the company's employees about the role and meaning of the work that each individual has given and received from the community. This activity comes from a writing contest to share "Thoughts of the value of your work to the community", creating an interesting playground and sharing space for employees on this special event.

   In addition, the program has also combined the birthday party of the first quarter for the Company's employees who have birthdays during this time. The ceremony ended in the excitement and joy of NAFARMA's employees.

   Let's take a look back at some moments from the ceremony.


Pharmacist Luong Quoc Phuong gave a speech


Ms. Minh Anh read her writing about "Thoughts of the value of your work to the community" – Third Prize

6bbbc2da389fe5c1bc8e1RA department decorated and organized the ceremony at the Hanoi office

22a65a46ae03735d2a12Employees celebrateD their birthdays in the first quarter of 2023



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