Recently in September, Nafarma (Nhat Anh Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.) organized a series of programs to celebrate its 17th anniversary of the establishment (from September 28th, 2005 to September 28th, 2022) with the theme "THE CHANGE WE BELIEVE IN". Under the direction of the Board of Directors, a series of emulation programs were carried out throughout from July 4 to September 30, including programs such as: invitation card design, wall newspaper design, working corner photography, video clip edit. The programs were well received and responded enthusiastically by the entire staff of Nafarma.


First prize of Photography contest coming from the Accounting Department


Second place of Photography contest coming from the Logistic Department


Third place of Photography contest coming from the TBD field sales team


Winner of Invitation Card design



Decoration of Hochiminh's office.

     On September 30th, gala night to celebrate Nafarma's 17th birthday – “The change we believe in" was held in a warm atmosphere at Eastin Grand Hotel with the participation of the Board of Directors, guests, all employees along with collaborators of the company. At the ceremony, Mr. Luong Quoc Phuong – Managing Director of the company gave a speech to review the establishment, development and achievements of the Company in 17 years of construction and growth. On the occasion of congratulating Nafarma, the company also thanked the employees who have been collaborating with the company for 5 years or more.

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Mr. Luong Quoc Phuong – Managing Director of Nafarma gave an opening speech


Awarding employees for their 15 years of contribution to the company.74917cb31daec4f09dbf23

Awarding employees for more than 10 years of contribution to the company.2ef28dcbecd635886cc722 023b2d1f4c02955ccc1325

Awarding employees for more than 05 years of contribution to the company.

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Winning teams of Wall Newspaper design.

     Through the celebration of Nafarma's 17th birthday, the company have the opportunity to look back at the construction as well as growth process, and at the same time, be motivated to take Nafarma to the next steps steadily, successfully and become the leading brand in the field.


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