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Founded in 2005 – NHAT ANH Pharmaceutical Limited Liability Company is a young pharmaceutical company in Vietnam, but was gradually building up the reputation and become familiar brand in the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market. The company business activities are distribution pharmaceuticals formulation, API, Health food, Cosmetic and Health equipment.



According to IMS Vietnam data MAT Q2.2018, NAFARMA honored as one of the few marketing distribution company in Vietnam in top 10 products with the highest sales in each subgroup of products

Remeclar: Top 10 leading products of macrolides group.

Clamodia: Top 10 leading products of broad spectrum penicilline group.

Sozol: Top 10 leading products of acid pump inhibitors group.

Melorich: Top 10 leading products of NSAID group.

Propain: Top 20 leading products of NSAID group.

Domreme: Top 10 leading products of other stomach disorder prep., group.

Folihem: Top 10 leading products of iron combination group