Founded in 2005 -  NHAT ANH Pharmaceutical Limited Company (NAFARMA) is a young pharmaceutical company in Vietnam, but has gradually building up the reputation and become familiar brand in the Vietnam pharmaceutical market. Within jusst 03 years from a small-scale business located on the ourskirts of Ho Chi Minh city, NAFARMA has become a pharmaceutical company with a nationwide business.

   Pioneering in the application of technology transfer, cooperation in research, development and specialty production in Vietnam during the period from 2005 to 2010, NAFARMA has cooperated and produced successfully many special treatment drugs that Vietnam used to import 100% from abroad such as entecavir, adefovir dipivoxil, ribavirin, lamivudine, risedronate, diacerein, etc., which has contributed to reducing treatment costs for patients and reducing dependence dependent on imported sources.

   In parallel with updating new knowledge and technologies in treatment and production, NAFARMA also pays special attention to the quality of pharmaceutical products. NAFARMA's marketed and distributed products must be manufactured by well-known companies within the Territory and worldwide.

   From 2010 to now, NAFARMA has become the exclusive distributor in Vietnam of many famous pharmaceutical companies from Europe and Australia such as Orion, Angelini, Aspen Pharma Pty Ltd, KRKA, Remedica Ltd, Kern Pharma, ....

   NAFARMA, with the motto of giving customers a intelligent service with good products, currently has a network of pharmacists and employees covering most of the provinces and cities nationwide.


   According to the survey results of Vietnam pharmaceutical market by market research company IMS (USA) by the end of Q2/2022, NAFARMA is honored to be one of the few domestic distribution marketing companies with current products in the TOP of the products with the highest sales in each product subgroup.

  • Venokern: Top 5 vascular protection drugs.
  • Remeclar: Top 5 group of macrolides.
  • Propain: Top 20 NSAID product groups.
  • Domreme: Top 10 product groups for digestive disorders.
  • Folihem: Top 10 iron combination group.
  • Sadapron: Top 5 groups of drugs to treat gout.