Heritage is the spiritual and material values – including the culture and nature of society group, an ethnic group or a nation, inherited from previous generations, maintained up to now and for future generations

   With the desire to go back to our roots and learn the fundamental values of our Ancestor, NAFARMA had an emotional trip through three capitals of Vietnam:

   1. Thang Long – Hanoi: the current capital.



   2. Hoa Lu ancient capital – Ninh Binh.





NAFARMA Phat Diem Cathedral – Ninh Binh.

   3. Lam Kinh – Thanh Hoa: The capital of remembrance.



Thanh Hoa trip was combined with granting scholarships to students at Nguyen Hong Le Secondary School


This Autumn, NAFARMA members visited many landscapes, visited many places such as: Tran Quoc Pagoda – West Lake, The Huc Bridge, Ngoc Son Temple – Hoan Kiem Lake, Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex, Phat Diem Cathedral – Ninh Binh, relaxed at Sam Son beach and visited a special national monument: Lam Kinh – Thanh Hoa on the death anniversary of Duc Thai To Le Loi.

Every destination, every story told, every relic was witnessed with our own eyes as a deposit of our ancestors for all of us, as well as the young people of NAFARMA. We were also able to enjoy many local specialties – cuisine every place we went to. Through traditional specialties, you will understand that cuisine is not just about eating, but it is a process of distilling many quintessential experiences of Vietnamese ancestors to protect the health of the race for the next generation, and to become more prosperous. NAFARMA was having a fun, rewarding and meaningful trip with the theme "TO THE HERITAGE DOMAIN" when we understood the cultural values that previous generations had forged, preserved and built a prosperous Vietnam.

Writter: Mr. Lê Đình Hiếu

Editor: Khánh Thiện

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